About Rachel

Welcome to WRITESIDE BLONDE’S website, a place to catch up on “The George Collection,” read about what Rachel is up to at GeorgeOnline.com, peruse past blogs, or find WSB merchandise.

In the spring of 2021, Rachel found her first George Magazine, the inaugural issue, while cleaning out a basement. With that discovery, her George collection began. The next issue she bought was the “Survival Guide to the Future” followed by the “John Kennedy Jr Tribute.” By June of 2022, her collection was complete.

Rachel saw a unique opportunity to combat the censorship of YouTube and help people connect some dots by creating a show around old George Magazine articles. Oftentimes the stories from the 1990s would help make sense of a current situation, and best of all, YouTube never caught on.

Aside from the articles, the covers and even the advertisements seem to have left clues as well. Each episode of “The George Collection” brings up fresh topics and attempts to bridge the gap between current events and happenings from the past.

In addition to her passion for all things George, Rachel loves to write, research, and learn new things. Join WRITESIDE BLONDE on her journey for the truth.